Sunday, May 31, 2009

Band Meeting

Tomorrow morning I meet with my drummer, and now soul band mate in DOS for the first time since the departure with Brant and Nathan. I have been anxiously awaiting this meeting for over a week now. We will be discussing the terms of Brant and Nathans departure, as well as the future of the band.

I am fully aware of the terms of Brant's departure, which I will keep private out of respect for him, but I know very little about the circumstances involving Nathan leaving the band. The only thing I will say about this is that I feel that Brant's departure was necessary, but without knowing anything else about Nathan's situation, I am a little disappointed by him leaving.

As for the future of our band, Paul says he would like to continue playing the same style of art rock music, and I am largely in agreement with this, which is why I have agreed to stay on at this point. I am just going to have to see how it goes without Nathan and Brant, and try to bring in good people to complete our line-up. I wasn't to begin auditioning new members as soon as possible, starting with a bassist. I have already started putting up ads on craigslist, and putting out the word, so hopefully everything works out for the best. I am a little nervous about the future, I will admit, but maybe this will be my opportunity to shine.

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