Friday, May 22, 2009

A New Begining

I have decided to clear out all my old blog posts, and get a fresh start. Consider this a new blog from this point forward. With that in mind, I think a little introduction is in order, for any future readers of this blog.

My Name is Devin J. Garman. I currently reside in Columbia Pennsylvania, and I am a musician. I work part time at the local Guitar Center store, and I recently joined a new local band, which is tentatively called DoS, which stands for Dictionary of Sound. I am also currently writing music for what is currently a solo project that I am hoping to build into another full fledged band.

In addition to my duties as a songwriter and guitarist for various bands, I am also looking to get into concert promotion, although I admit I am an armature in this regard, so I will be needing a lot of help to get started. I am hoping to start things off by putting together a benefit concert for the Crones and Colitis foundation, to help battle digestive illnesses.

Okay, so if anyone ever finds themselves reading this, now you know a little about me. Please leave a comment, and tell me a little about yourself!

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