Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sales this Month

Today when I was working at Guitar Center, I was asked to cover drums all morning. Now, I know very little about drums, let alone how to run that department by myself, so I always feel a little intimidated when I am over there. I did manage to sell a couple of things, but I didn't have a stellar day.

I have yet to beat my best day, of $750.00 in gross profit. However, I only need a little over $100.00 in GP tomorrow to beat my best month in business thus far. Obviously, I would like to be selling a lot more than what I am, as I haven't sold enough to see commission checks yet, but I am encouraged that my GP has improved every month since I started.

I am also very pleased with the excellent networking opportunities that this job has provided me. This job is the reason I met my current drummer, and was invited to join his band. Now hopefully, I can employ those same networking resources again to find a bass player.

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