Friday, June 5, 2009

Auditions Begin

On Thursday, Paul brought a guitarist in to audition, as planned. After getting to know him for a little bit, we spent some time jamming. He seemed like a really nice guy, who was easy to get a long with, and I had fun jamming with him.

Unfortunately, his inexperience held him back a little. He was just a bit behind the curve on most songs we played, and I was left with serious doubts about his ability to keep up with us. If we were just a jam band, I would have no problem bringing him on board just based on personality alone, but we are trying to be a professional band, and in order to be successfully we will need a certain calibre of musicians. We might give him another shot or two to see if he can calm his nerves, and get up to speed, but at this point, I believe we need to keep searching.

Ideally, I would like to be working with musicians slightly better than myself, and by doing so, elevate my own level of playing. Until that happens though, I am going to try to become comfortable taking more of a leadership role in the band. I just have to sell Paul on the idea, and I am not sure if he could ever respect me as a band leader.

I am excited for Monday though, as we have a singer that I have been talking to for about a week finally coming out to meet the band and audition. I watched a clip of her performing on youtube, and I was pleased with what I saw. Now, all that remains to be seen is what will Paul think, and will she be a good fit for our particular brand of art rock.

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