Saturday, June 27, 2009


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Why have I been so worried about trying to impress other musicians by having the best gear? The fact is, I don't have the kind of money to have the best gear right now. Working at Guitar Center has spoiled me a lot, and has made it hard for me to imagine playing with anything less then a hand wired tube amp, a deluxe American strat, and an all analogue pedal board.

It would take me years to save up the money for all that stuff. I already have a nice little tube amp that works just fine, and an acoustic guitar that is respectable. I just really want an electric guitar, and a couple cool effects to play with. If I stop being so darn picky, I could get an electric guitar with a gig bag, neck strap, and instrument cable for about $80, and a cheap, but effective multi effects pedal for about $50. I would also need a power supply for the pedal, which runs about $20. So for just $150, not even including my employee discount, I could have everything I need to practice with an electric guitar set up, and I could upgrade little by little instead of waiting years until I have enough money saved up for the top of the line gear.

It's not like I am going to be out playing clubs tomorrow or anything. I don't even have a band any more, so I just want to take some time to work on my chops, and jam with some friends, maybe work on some new material, and eventually do a little recording. It will take some time to get a decent band together again, and if my racing career takes off, I may be limited to studio work for a while until the next hot shot comes along and takes my ride. I have a lot of other bills to catch up on before I can even spend that $150, so I will just practice on my old Alvarez acoustic for now.

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