Thursday, June 25, 2009

The end of DOS?

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I finally had the opportunity to have a brief conversation with my drummer today about our band. It turns out he has been seeking work from established bands because he has grown frustrated with trying to find band members to work with. He said he would still be willing to Jam with me in the evenings though. In the mean time, I have been talking to other musicians, and I now have an opportunity to put together a project of a slightly different nature. I want to play music that's a little more danceable than the slow and depressing music Paul and I have been playing.

At this point, I am going to have to have at least one more conversation with Paul, and explain to him that I understand his frustrations, and I support his efforts to hook up with an established band. I also want to inform him that I have musicians assembled at this point who are more than capable of performing at a pro level, and they have offered to work with me on my new project, which I am very excited about.

I want to ask him how his search for a new band is going, and offer him a chance to be the drummer for my new project. I am going to be completely straight forward in explaining to him that this isn't going to be the same type of music that him and I were originally working on, and if he is not interested in this new direction, I totally understand. I would love to have him on board though. If he and I can't come to terms on this, it may very well be time for me to load out my gear, and head for greener pastures. At this point, I just want what's best for both of us.

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