Monday, June 29, 2009

From the Ashes of DOS

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This morning, as I was lying in bed, sleeping in a little late because this is my day off, and I have no particular place to be, I got a phone call. I didn't get up and answer the phone right away, because It was right around the time my boss would have been calling me if he wanted to come in and work on my day off. That wouldn't be a bad thing, I could use the extra hours, but it is my day off, and at the very least I felt I was entitled to take my sweet ass time getting to the phone. So I check my voice mail, once I pry myself out of bed and scrape the crust off my eyelids, fully expecting to here a Guitar Center manager asking me to come in and work, and mentally trying to calculate how long it would take me to get dressed and get on the bus, when I here the voice of my old friend Joshua Mertz.

Joshua and I had been talking over the last few weeks about him coming out to Mulberry and jamming with Paul Lambert and I, but I had kind of forgotten about it since the break-up of DOS. Anyway, he wanted to come out and jam today. So I called up Paul, knowing he would probably be working at Mulberry this morning, and asked him if he could let us in to the band room, to which he graciously agreed. Anyway, once Joshua and I got to jamming, it was clear to me that he is somebody who I need to be working with. I mean, we have worked together before, we gel well together, and we have a shared vision of were we want to go. Also, I noticed that both of us seem to have improved our chops since the last time we worked together.

After some jamming, and a coffee break, Paul Lambert took a break from working, and came down and jammed with us for about 10 minutes or so. Joshua and I both definitely had a good time jamming with Paul on drums, and I don't know about Paul, but he seemed like he was in better spirits than I had seen him in a while, so I hope he liked what was going on too. Anyway, I had a chance to talk to Paul for a bit, and he said he would be down for drumming on my new project. So there we go, All of a sudden I got a rhythm guitar player, I've got a vocalist, I've got a drummer, and I've got a lead guitar player (yours truly). Now all I need is a bass player, so my next stop after our Mulberry jam session was off to Guitar Center to talk to a certain bass player I know. After having a conversation with him, he was really psyched about this project, and has agreed to work with us, so I now have a full band again, and I couldn't be more thrilled. From the ashes of DOS, a new band is formed.

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